Lingerie care

How to Care Your Lingerie

To sustain a longer life of your lingerie, the best way is to clean it by hand, as far as possible to avoid putting it into a washing machine and dryer. You can drop the detergent diluted in cold water, soak the lingerie for 20 minutes, gently rub by hands then rinse by water.


After washing, use a dry towel to absorb excess water from the lingerie, place it in a dry cool airy place but out of the sun because it may cause color fade, shrinkage, or weaken the fabric. Later, reshape the cups and lay the bras flat and stack them on top of each others. All bras should never be kept on hangers otherwise they will lose their original shape and elasticity. Besides, do not overstuff the drawer or your intimate lingerie will get wrinkled, and suffer from nags when you open and close the drawer.


How to Care Your Sleepwear

Make sure to follow the best care practices, always check the washing instructions on the garment to extend the life of your sleepwear. If silk, satin, lace or another delicate materials are your favorite, hang them up or fold them gently when you are not wearing them. Avoid overstuffing the drawer, this will often result in sloppily wrinkled items or other damages.


How to Care Your Swimwear

Rinsing your swimwear with clean water will not keep chlorine, salt water and other elements from damaging it. Always wash by hands with mild soap after every use, never throw it in the washer or dryer. The heat in washer and especially dryer can quickly break down the spandex fibers, causing the swimwear to stretch out and eventually come apart.

After you have washed the swimwear, dry it in a cool airy place. Do not dry it out of the sun.

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